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Some pictures of our booth at the NAMM Exibition.


Floris Van Der Vlugt
"The young and vibrant Floris van der Vlugt (1981) is without a doubt amongst Netherlands great potential saxophone players and composers. At the age of 7 he started playing the piano; at the age of 11 he first laid hands on an alto saxophone.
Why? “The instrument was just so beautiful and shiny;)”


Over the years his passion for the instrument and music in general grew strong. Floris enrolled the Amsterdam Conservatory in 2000 where he studied with Ferdinant Povel and Jasper Blom. Besides that, he had lessons with renowned musicians such as Dick Oatts, John Clayton, Robin Eubanks, Lee Konitz and Jesse van Ruller. In 2007 Floris graduated from the conservatory with a masters degree in music.

Floris is a versatile player, who currently finds himself playing the soprano and tenor sax just as comfortably as the alto sax he started out on. His style is energetic and melodic, yet lyrical and profound and deeply inspired by jazz icons Charly Parker and John Coltrane. Floris' versatility is also mirrored in the various bands he plays in. To name a few: Marzio Scholten Quartet, Wicked Jazz Sounds Band, Renske Taminiau, Amsterdam Jazz Orchestra and Modern Balkan Jazz Orchestra. With his own band QUINCEY Floris became second in the Dutch Jazz Competition in 2006. That same year he won a prize for best soloist on the Dutch Big Band Festival.

In the winter of 2008-2009 Floris was proud to be on tour with the great Ack van Rooyen and Soesja Citroen.