stageClix at NAMM

Some pictures of our booth at the NAMM Exibition.


Bas Riedé


As a multi-instrument player I perform in Theaters, at Festivals but also small venues like Musicbars. Whether I play electric or acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Dobro, Pedalsteel or whatever, my sound quality has to be optimal in all cases. Having used a wireless system in the past, I moved to high quality cables after checking and finding a big different in signal quality. Reading the information on the stageClix systems, it alerted me again to the challenging idea. I finally made up my mind and I now own the stageClix Jack-system. When it arrived, I of course immediately tested it using an amp but I also tested it on my studio. I was amazed! My first reacting was that it sounded better than a cable, which in fact it did. More HiFi quality but the important thing is that to my idea it did not lose “feeling” and it did not become too clean and impersonal.

Concluding I think that to have a stageClix between your instrument and your amp, PA or studio is the best. Allthough I had to overcome some challenges using multiple instruments in various set-ups I am a happy user now!