stageClix at NAMM

Some pictures of our booth at the NAMM Exibition.



Counrtry: Germany 

Using (since 2008):
2 stageClix Jack (Gitar & Bass)
1 stageClix Pack (Mic)

J.B.O. consists of:

  • Hannes “G.Laber” Holzmann,  guitar/vocals 
  • Vito C.,  guitar/vocals
  • Ralph Bach,  bass
  • Wolfram Kellner,  drums


For almost 20 years I've been using different wireless systems. In the beginning there were VHF systems that worked okay, but for a couple of years now, only UHF systems have been available and legal (at least in Europe). In my personal experience, sound quality has become poorer with UHF - I find the signal much more compressed. So I've been looking for an alternative for quite some time.
In comes stageClix! A brandnew device using digital technology. I'm one of the privileged persons to test the unit before it is generally available.

The stageClix comes in a nice small plastic suitcase with everything inside: Receiver, transmitter, power supply, a short phone plug cable for connection and three different antennas for the receiver. First impression: Man, is that thing small!!

The receiver is very simple: Just two phone jacks, power supply jack, connector for antenna and three LEDs. One phone jack is line-out to connect the amplifier's input, the other is for the transmitter to charge and communicate with the receiver. So it's quite easy to setup: No level-, volume- or squelch-control and no LCD-display with setup-menues and what have you. The idea is: "What comes out of your guitar, comes out of the receiver". A very nice detail is that you could use antennas of usual WLAN routers with your stageClix. There are three different lengths of aerials included when you get it, but if lost all three just take the one from your WLAN device before you go on stage - I really like compatibility!

First connect the power-supply and plug the receiver into the charge-jack. The stageClix comes with rechargeable batteries only, which is a good idea in these days. As this battery works for 15 hours when fully loaded, everybody should be fine with that - I've never played a concert longer than that. The transmitter is just a "connector with extension" - I call it "bug-plug". There have been other bug-plugs on the market before and I tried some of them, but I was never satisfied. This bug-plug appears to be a tank - they say it's made of the same material as welding goggles. It has a hinge where you can angle it to snuggle to the side of your Les Paul, or straighten it to go into your Stratocaster jack socket. This hinge is the Achilles' heel of all the bug-plugs (if they have it!) - The stageClix' one appears to be real solid and stable.

When the transmitter is in charge-mode, you can change channels by simply pressing THE button (there is only one button). You have 8 channels to choose from. The manual is really short due to an intuitive simpicity of operation.

When I took the stageClix to a concert for the first time, soundcheck was absolutely amazing! I've never had such a dynamic sound with any wireless! This is due to the lack of a "compander" that every analog wireless has. Also there were no (NO!) interferences, no popping or cracking or any other sound than what I played - and when I didn't play, absolute silence. As we run 4 wireless mics, 6 in-ears and three other instrument wireless systems, this is really an achievement!

For me it's also a great comfort to have no beltpack and no cable dangling around your strap while changing guitars.

My upshot: I really don't want to go back to any other wireless I have ever tried!

Vito C. ( 23th october 2008)

Equipment for testing live:

Guitar: '88 Gibson Flying V "90"
Pickups: Bill Lawrence L-500L/L-609GN
Rack (16U):
* Boss "Metalzone" MT-2 (Keeley-Mod.)
* Boss "Distortion" DS-1
* Ibanez "Tubescreamer" TS-9
* Rocktron "Replifex"
* Dunlop "Cry Baby" DCR-1SR
* TC Electronic "1140" parametric EQ
* Empirical Labs "Distressor"
* Zoom "9030"
* Soundsculpture "Switchblade GL"
* Rocktron "Powerstation" customized
* Boss "TU-50" Chromatic Tuner
* Mesa Boogie 50/50 poweramp (2x50W)
* Complete wiring done with Bill Lawrence cable.
* Rocktron "All Access" floorboard.
Cabinets: 2 x 212 Rath-Amp guitar-wedges
Speakers: 2 x Celestion G12H-30/Weber G12-65

Path for main rhythm sound:
Flying-V -> stageClix -> Switchblade -> MT-2 -> TC 1140 -> Mesa 50/50 -> Cabinets