stageClix at NAMM

Some pictures of our booth at the NAMM Exibition.


Honky Tongue

We've always been working to improve our sound; other guitars, changing pickups, changing speakertypes in our cabinets, changing tubes in our amps, changing transfos in our amps… Everything to make our guitarsound better and better and better. Then eventually plugging in to an analog wireless system and having a shit sound again!
NOT ANYMORE! Stageclix just came straight out of the box, not setup needed. Just choose a channel and ROCK! Truly unbelievable! This sounds more clear then a long cable! Because long cables tend to cut off a little of the high frequencies. Not this baby! Even had to lower my treble on my amp because it was such a clear sound!

In the meanwhile we've been using it on the road all the time and we've never had any dropouts, no interference whatsoever. Just plug it in and we're ready to rock. Before the show we usually leave the jack in the receiver for about an hour and it's fully recharged! Never had any problems with that!

So… Top notch system, hell of a lot cheaper then the top notch analog systems on the market!