stageClix at NAMM

Some pictures of our booth at the NAMM Exibition.


The Last Carnival

New breed rock and roll from The Last Carnival, a new British band with a 21st Century sound born from the vinyl dust of yesteryear. Infused with pop soaked melodies and thumping rock beats imagine a modern mash up of Little Richard/Beach Boys/Van Halen/Bowie/Stones and you’d be getting close!

 See The Last Carnival live and you’ll be met by a river of bouncing tunes, heart wrenching ballads and crowd singing chants. Front man and songwriter Russell James Williams is an amazing new rock and roll guitar talent backed by a stunning band, featuring younger brother Adam (drums) and close friends Mike (bass/vocals), Kieran (keyboards/vocals) and Justin (guitar).


"StageClix is so small, reliable, plug and play, I don't even think about it. All I think about is my stage lap time!"

 "We are finally unleashed to get on with the show!"

"Performing without StageClix is like being strapped to the floor in solitary confinement..."



Twitter:   @TheLastCarnival